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The Stihl Kombi System is on display in our Swadlincote store. This is the Stihl multi tools that include attachments like the Stihl Komi hedge trimmer and the Stihl Kombi Chainsaw as well as many other attachments which all fit the same Stihl multi tools.

Stihl Kombi Engines
There are four main Stihl Combi engines – the KM56 RC-E for domestic use, the Stihl KM94 RC-E for semi-professional use and then the KM111 R and KM131 R are designed for professional use.

Stihl Combi Attachments
There are twelve versatile Stihl Kombi Tools to chose. All attachments will fit each of the Stihl Kombi engines and it is quick and simple to swap attachments.

The Stihl Combi System is the Stihl multi tool system and is one in which you buy the engine unit and then add whichever of the Stihl multi tool attachments you require. The attachments available for the Stihl Kombi System include a hedge trimmer attachment (HL-KM 145), a chainsaw pruner attachment (HT-KM), blower (BG-KM), strimmer head (FS-KM), the brushcutter attachment (MB-KM), scrub cutter, sweeper and many more.

There are also other attachments for the Stihl Kombi system including extension poles, angled gear heads, the RTS harness and a carry bag.

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