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Lighting has the ability to transform your garden, as the sun sets on a warm summer’s eve outdoor lighting allows you to keep the party going and create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your garden or patio.

Masseys feature a wide selection of both functional and decorative lighting options, in solar, battery and mains power sources.

Our Swadlincote, South Derbyshire store houses lighting brands such as Smart Solar, Status, Luceco and more, providing you with the tools needed to give your outdoor living space that finishing touch. Whether it be a decorative lighting piece to accompany your garden furniture, or a functional floodlight to illuminate your outdoor storage area.

Remeber that during the winter periods, solar lighting may struggle to store the required enegery to use. If this is a concern of yours, why don’t you consider the Luxform 12v garden lighting range? It is so easy to install and as you have power 365 days a year, your garden will always look amazing at night. Many Masseys staff have the Luxform range in their own gardens!

Luxform 12v Low Voltage Lighting

Luxform 12v low voltage lighting – see a great video to explain all about the easy connect system. Please note the under water products are not available.

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