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Leaf Blowers

If fallen leaves aren’t removed as soon as possible, it’s not just unsightliness you’ll have to put up with. Leaves break apart and can damage your lawn, leaving it patchy come spring. Leaf mulch can become slippery and dangerous if left to freeze on pavements. Whether you’re looking to clear your lawn, driveway, or borders, a leaf blower is a useful solution.

At Masseys, we stock a fantastic range of leaf blowers, vacuums, and 2-in-1s. Come visit our Swadlincote store to pick the best equipment for your needs.

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Petrol or electric leaf blowers

Electric leaf blowers and vacuums are the best choice for the eco-conscious, as they produce zero emissions. Providing instant start-up at the push of a button, they remove the sometimes exhausting hassle of revving that petrol leaf blowers require, and make much less noise too. However, they are limited by their cable reach, and are often not as powerful.

Petrol leaf blowers and vacuums generally generate more air, offering a powerful blow and/or suction mode. The other advantage of petrol leaf blowers is that there is no need for a power cable, meaning you can roam around your garden freely. However, petrol leaf blowers are noisy and can emit harsh exhaust smoke.

Masseys offer a range of branded petrol and electric leaf blowers by Stihl, Bosch, and many more, providing guaranteed high quality.

Handheld leaf blowers

Handheld leaf blowers are lightweight for easy manoeuvrability and versatility in small areas. They are the smallest type of leaf blower, and therefore the easiest to store. However, handheld models aren’t capable of the power needed to move pebbles or other large items.

Backpack leaf blowers

Backpack leaf blowers provide more power for longer, making them suitable for larger areas. They can move both large and small debris with ease, whilst spreading the weight evenly between your arms and shoulders.

Walk behind leaf blowers

If your job is large or needs to be completed quickly, a walk-behind leaf blower is what you’re looking for. Mobility is restricted for these heavy-duty models, but they can make quick work of clearing large, open spaces.

If you’re looking to purchase a leaf blower, come visit our Derbyshire showroom. Here, you can talk to members of our expert team and handle our equipment to get a real feel for which leaf blower is best for you. We have more equipment in store than online, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, we’re likely to have it in our showroom.

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