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There is a great range of Stihl hedge trimmers / Stihl hedge cutters / Stihl hedge pruners at Masseys in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. You will find the complete range of Stihl cordless hedge trimmers, electric and Stihl petrol hedge trimmers.

Masseys in Swadlincote are open 7 days a week and we will assemble your Stihl hedge trimmer so it is ready to use. Stihl produce a world class range of domestic, semi-professional and professional hedge trimmers which are backed by a 2 year Stihl domestic warranty.

Stihl Petrol Hedge Trimmers
Stihl petrol hedge trimmers include the ever popular Stihl HS45, the new technology in the Stihl HS46 and Stihl HS56 hedge cutters and the professional Stihl HS82 hedge trimmers.
The Stihl HS45 is one of the most popular hedge trimmers or why not consider a great cordless option in the Stihl HSA45.

Stihl Long Reach Hedge trimmers
They also produce a range of Stihl long reach hedge trimmers for those hard to reach places or where you want to eliminate the use of step ladders. Have a look at the Stihl HLA56 for domestic use or the Stihl HLA65 and Stihl HLA85 long reach options for professional use.

Stihl Battery Hedge Trimmers
At Masseys we have the complete range of Stihl battery hedge trimmers and Stihl cordless hedge trimmers for both domestic and professional use.

Official Stihl Dealers
Masseys are an official Stihl dealer in Derbyshire. We have a display of the Stihl hedge cutters including Stihl petrol hedge cutters and Stihl cordless hedge cutters so you can hold the product before buying.

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