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Mountfield Lawnmowers

Mountfield are a name instantly recognisable with lawn mowers, having been industry leaders for over 50 years.
Mountfield Lawn Mowers
Masseys stock a wide variety of Petrol, Electric and Cordless Mountfield lawnmowers for both small and large gardens. As a specialist official Mountfield dealer, we provide additional benefits when choosing your perfect lawn mower. We stock Mountfield engine oils and spark plugs and can order spares for your specific model within just 72 hours.
There are 3 choices of power unit for your new Mountfield. There are the traditional petrol lawn mowers, the cable electric lawn mowers and finally the battery cordless lawn mowers.
At Masseys we offer in store help and advice and we have the lawnmowers in our showroom on display. We have a workshop for any repairs and warranty work and the machines can be assembled with fuel and oil so they are ready to cut grass.

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