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Husqvarna RC320Ts AWD Rider with Grass Catcher – 112cm [24]

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Husqvarna RC 320Ts AWD with Grass Catcher – The powerful R 320 RCS AWD is ideal for demanding and complex terrain with numerous obstacles. The special feature of ACTech, extends the benefits of this rider by an unbeatable area performance and a less frequent emptying of the catcher. Here, the cutting unit, consisting of three blades, as well as the auger, which transports the grass clippings and at the same time compacts a high efficiency and collection capacity. In addition, the rider is equipped with an articulated steering and a button that allows switching from “catching” to “ejecting” from the seat.
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Husqvarna RC320Ts Four-wheel drive (AWD)

The Husqvarna RC320Ts has four-wheel drive (AWD) which allows traction on uneven, wet and slippery spots and slopes.AWD automatically adjusts the traction to all wheels depending on the situation and the type of terrain.


Constipation-free collection.Compacting the grass in the catcher, ie larger area coverage.Efficient collection will leave a clean turf.

Turn Key Start

Easy to use in any weather.No choke needed, just turn the key and go.

Empty the grass box from the seat

The integrated collection container is simply emptied from the driver’s seat

Husqvarna Rider RC 320Ts AWDHusqvarna RC320Ts AWD Specifiaction

Engine Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine Endurance Series
Capacity 656.0 cm³
Cylinder 2
Engine cooling air
Generator 16.0 A
Battery 5.5 Ah
Fuel type petrol
tank capacity 3.17 gal (US)
tank capacity 12.0 l
engine lubrication pressure lubrication
oil filter Yes
battery pack
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 5.5 Ah
Working width 112.0 cm
Uncut inner circle 50 cm
Cutting width, min-max 103 cm
Cutting width, min-max 112 cmMaterial steel
Cutting methods Collecting / mulching
Cutting height, max 75 mm
Cutting height, min 25 mm
Cutting height, steps 7
Blade engagement Automatically
Blades 3
Powder coated mower deck Yes
Weight (excluding cutting equipment) 328 kg
Tire size, front 16×6,5-8
Tire size, rear 16×6,5-8
wheelbase 90.3 cm
ground clearance 90 mm
Basic device, length 201.0 cm
Basic device, width 103.5 cm
Basic device, height 129.5 cm
Weight 328 kg
Hydrostatic AWD
Transmission manufacturer, rear Tuff Torq
transmission manufacturer Tuff Torq
drive pedal-controlled
of gearbox K664
Transmission manufacturer, front Tuff Torq
Transmission model, front KTM10T
Transmission model, rear K664

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Weight 1 kg
Husqvarna RC320Ts AWDHusqvarna RC320Ts AWD Rider with Grass Catcher – 112cm [24]
Original price was: £11,238.00.

Availability: In stock