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Stihl RE130 Plus Pressure Washer (135 Bar)

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Stihl RE130 Plus Pressure Washer

The Stihl RE130 Plus pressure washer is a powerful 135 bar pressure washers with high water throughput. It features an aluminium pump head, brushless induction motor and integrated wheel kit. There is a rotary nozzle, adjustable fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation, anti-drill quick-release coupling on the trigger and tool and park position for switching off the sprayer when taking breaks. The sturdy and durable 9 m steel-reinforced high-pressure hose is ideal for longevilty, there is an integrated hose reel, reinforced transport handle, particularly long sprayer with soft handle for convenient operation and an aluminium telescopic handle.

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  • Rotary nozzle
    Rotary nozzle

    Powerful rotary nozzle for tackling stubborn dirt on hard-wearing surfaces. The rotary motion combines the cleaning power of a concentrated pencil jet with the capacity to clean large areas.

  • Integrated wheel kit
    Integrated wheel kit

    The integrated wheel kit allows the high-pressure cleaner to be manoeuvred comfortably. The tool’s large wheels can even handle stairs and rough terrain.

  • Fan jet nozzle, adjustable pressure
    Fan jet nozzle, adjustable pressure

    Fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation to clean different types of surfaces quickly and effectively.

  • Practical storage compartment
    Practical storage compartment

    The storage compartment on the side of the tool provides several options for the practical and protected storage of the nozzles and power cable.

  • Soft grip
    Soft grip

    Soft handle for extremely comfortable operation.

  • Hose reel
    Hose reel

    As a PLUS model, the RE 130 PLUS features a hose reel to store the high-pressure hose in an extremely easy and practical way. The hose guide (wind-up assistance) makes winding the hose up a breeze – it can even be done with one hand.

  • Cable hook
    Cable hook

    The two cable hooks allow the cable to be wound up and stored neatly and securely on the tool. The rotatable orange cable hook enables release of the entire cable in one go – gone are the days of tedious unwinding.

  • Cleaning agent spray set with measuring system
    Cleaning agent spray set with measuring system

    The spray set delivered with the tool makes it possible to add cleaning agent to the spray jet in order to tackle stubborn dirt. The spray set is also easy to attach to the spray lance.

  • Aluminium telescopic handle
    Aluminium telescopic handle

    The high-quality telescopic handle on the back of the tool enables convenient transport and space-saving storage of STIHL high-pressure cleaners.

  • Induction motor
    Induction motor

    The sturdy, brushless induction motor offers superb performance and long service life.

  • Aluminium high-pressure pump
    Aluminium high-pressure pump

    Sturdy and durable aluminium high-pressure pump of superior quality.

  • 360 degree quick-release coupling
    360 degree quick-release coupling

    The anti-drill and quick-release coupling makes setting up the high-pressure cleaner easier and prevents the high-pressure hose from tangling while you work, allowing the full length of the hose to be used.

  • Rotating spray lance
    Rotating spray lance

    The rotating spray lance allows adjustment of the high-power spray to perfectly suit any working conditions.

  • Park position
    Park position

    The assembled lance can be mounted on the tool when taking breaks from working and when storing the gun for a longer period. All tools also feature a holder for storing the high-pressure trigger.

  • Transport handle
    Transport handle

    The cleaner has a second handle at the base of the machine for easy transport.

  • Steel reinforced high pressure hose



Operating pressure bar 135
Maximum pressure bar 1) 150
Min. water throughput l/h 420
Max. water supply temperature °C 40
Weight kg 2) 21.2
Power output kW 2.3
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 86
Power cable length m 5
Mains voltage V 230
High-pressure hose length m 9

1) Maximum pressure system
2) Complete, ready for use
3) K factor according to DIR2006/42/EC = 1.5(dB(A))

Weight 1 kg

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Stihl RE130 Plus Pressure Washer (135 Bar)Stihl RE130 Plus Pressure Washer (135 Bar)

Our Price £389.00

Availability: In stock