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Stihl FS55 Brushcutter (Comes with strimmer head)

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The Stihl FS55 petrol brushcutter has a 27.2 cc engine with a 1.0 bhp power output.

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The Stihl FS55 brushcutter is an entry level straight shaft brushcutter. Although it does not come with a blade, this can be added on for an additional cost of £15.00.

The Stihl FS55 has a 27.2 cc engine with a power output of 0.75 kW / 1.0 bhp. It is a light weight brushcutter as it weighs only 4.9 kg. The Stihl FS 55 comes with cow horn handles, a shoulder strap and a multi function control handle for ease of use. Click to see our full range of Stihl strimmers.

You can put a metal blade on the Stihl FS55 and Stihl FS55R, but these are optional extras.

Get up to 3 years warranty at Masseys

Motomix® domestic warranty extension – Extend your domestic warranty from 2 to 3 years with the purchase of 5 litres of STIHL Motomix® fuel and a qualifying product at the same time, in store. This includes the Stihl FS55 at Masseys, Swadlincote.

Motomix warranty extension

2-Stroke Oil.
What else will I need to buy with my brushcutter?

  • Stihl Moto mixWe advise STIHL MotoMix® which is Stihl’s patented premixed fuel, specially blended for ultimate performance. Like a sports drink for your engine, this 50:1 mixture is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel and our highest-quality STIHL HP Ultra oil. Clean and convenient, MotoMix® eliminates the hassle of mixing your own 2-stroke engine fuel while providing superior performance and lubrication. STIHL MotoMix® contains no ethanol, allowing it to maintain stability for up to two years after the seal is broken – so it stays fresh in your equipment during long storage periods. MotoMix® is also made of non-aromatic fuel and fully synthetic, highly biodegradable engine oil.
  • Additional strimmer line
    Additional strimmer line is always a good idea!Masssey are open 7 days a week and we’re always on hand to help and advise in store.
  • Optional Extra
    The STIHL Durocut Head – Rather than struggling to re-wind the strimmer wire, simply pull out the old lines and put in the new ones. Saves time on re-filling the strimmer head.

Masseys are open 7 days a week and our staff are always happy to help and advise in store.

  • Electronic ignition module
    Electronic ignition module

    This ensures reliable starting and trouble-free running. The ignition system is fully encapsulated and thus proof against damp and dirt.

  • Manual fuel pump (Purger)
    Manual fuel pump (Purger)

    A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following extended breaks in operations.

  • Bike handle
    Bike handle

    When used in conjunction with a harness, the bike handle enables a smooth mowing action. The bike handle allows the machine to be easily guided, making it ideal for working on large areas and thus reducing fatigue.

  • Multi-function control handle
    Multi-function control handle

    Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.

Stihl FS55 Brushcutter Specification

Displacement – 27.2 cc
Power output kW/bhp – 0.75/1.0
Weight – 4.9 kg
Cutting blade – AutoCut C 25-2
Fuel capacity – 0.33 L
Vibration levels left/right m/s² – 7.5/8.5
Vibration levels left/right with metal blade m/s² – 8.0/9.0
Overall length m – 1.47
Sound pressure level dB(A) – 95.0
Sound power level dB(A) – 105.0



Purchased from Masseys – If your machine was purchased from Masseys and it develops a manufacturing fault during the warranty period, simply return the machine to store and our mechanics will repair the machine free of charge. A warranty repair is when the machine has failed because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Purchased online – If your machine was purchased from elsewhere, then we charge an initial £29.99 inspection charge to look at the machine. This will be refunded if the fault is a warranty issue and when the manufacturer has processed and accepted the warranty claim in full. Warranty for non-Masseys customers is 4-12 weeks as we have a duty to ensure our own customers are prioritised first.

Weight 1 kg
Stihl FS55Stihl FS55 Brushcutter (Comes with strimmer head)

Our Price £265.00

Availability: In stock