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Hedge Trimmers

Long reach hedge trimmers at Masseys. They are ideal for pruning tall hedges without the need for ladders. We have a great range of petrol long reach hedge trimmers from brands including Stihl and Husqvarna petrol long reach hedge trimmers. Massey in Swadlincote, Derby are open 7 days a week and our staff are there to guide and help you as much as possible.


A great range of petrol long reach hedgetrimmers for both domestic use and professional hedge timming. If you are looking for a machine for domestic use then the Cobra long reach would be a good option. The professional models are the Stihl HL92 and the Stihl HL94.


With the advancements in battery technology, we have a range of cordless long reach hedgetrimmers for both domestic and professional use. If it is for domestic use then consider the Bosch Universal Hedge Pole, or the Stihl HLA 56 machines. If it is for commercial or heavy duty use then the Stihl HLA 65 and the Stihl HLA 85 are ideal choices.


Electric hedge trimmers without the need for ladders which is great for home use. We would suggest the Cobra electric hedge trimmer as a good option

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