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Einhell 400W 60mm Jigsaw

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The Einhell pendulum action jigsaw enables flexible sawing with a high degree of precision.

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The Einhell TC-JS 60/1 jigsaw makes a clean, quick and professional job of cutting and sawing work. For wood, plastic or metal materials: The jigsaw helps you perform work on different materials easily and exactly. Thanks to its 400 W rating the jigsaw is powerfully equipped for jobs in the home, workshop and garage. It offers a cutting depth up to 60 millimeters for wood, 10 millimeters for plastic and 6 millimeters for metal. The stroke height is 18 millimeters. At the same time the Einhell TC-JS 60/1 jigsaw is small, light and easy to handle to make light work of sawing. Being well-balanced it has low vibrations in operation. In addition the Softgrip makes it comfortable to use and prevents fatigue. Electronic speed control ensures the ideal speed for the work material. Also, the soleplate of the Einhell TC-JS 60/1 jigsaw can be swiveled by up to 45 degrees to allow miter cuts. For a clean work area there is an adapter for a dust extractor.
Mains supply 220-240 V | 50/60 Hz
Power 400 W
Number of strokes 1000 min^-1 – 3000 min^-1
Stroke height 18 mm
Cutting depth in wood 60 mm
Cutting depth in plastic 10 mm
Cutting depth in steel 6 mm
Max. bevel cuts 45 °
Einhell TC-JS 60 JigsawEinhell 400W 60mm Jigsaw
RRP £33.95

Availability: In stock