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Bosch Universal Rake 900 Lawn Scarifier

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The Bosch Universal Rake 900 Lawn Scarifier features metal tines. It has a powerful 900 w motor and the scarifier width is 32 cm.

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Bosch Universal Rake 900

The Bosch Universal Rake 900 Lawn Scarifier at Masseys in Swadlincote. For fast and effective removal of moss and thatch.

The combination of the 900 W high power motor and the “Jet-Collect System” provides fast and clog-free raking. Efficient application: “Jet-Collect System” with double-spring steel tines and special airflow inlets offers fast and complete collection of moss and thatch. Practical use: large 50-litre collection box means less time spent emptying. Compact storage. Double folding handle and stackable collection box delivers 40cm overall height.
Masters all types of applications
Double-spring steel tines for effective moss and thatch removal
Jet-collect system ensures full filling of large capacity collection box
4 operating height settings for heavy and light use, leaf collection and storage/transportation
Compact storage thanks to double-fold handles and stackable collection box
Balanced and lightweight for easy manoeuvring round the garden

Bosch Universal Rake 900 Specifications

Bosch Universal Rake 900Motor power  – 900 W
Drum system – 10 double steel tines
Working width – 32 cm
Work height – +10/+5/0/-5 mm
Height-of-cut settings – 4
Capacity of collection box  – 50 l
Weight – 10,0 kg
Tool dimensions (L x W x H) – 1260 x 475 x 940 mm
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Bosch Universal Rake 900Bosch Universal Rake 900 Lawn Scarifier
Original price was: £195.00.

Availability: In stock