Masseys DIY Store

Waste Pipe & Traps

We are gradually turning our website into a catalogue of products we sell. However, with 25,000 lines this will take a while, so here is a flavour of this department until we get there!

Waste Pipe & Acessories – 32mm

waste trapWe have 32mm waste pipe and a great range of fittings including elbows, straights and tees.

There is also a range of waste traps and accessories to connect wastes from the dishwasher and the washing machine



Waste Pipe & Accessories – 40mm

40mm elbowAgain, we have 40mm pipe, all relevant fittings like elbows, straights and tees as well as a variety of sink, bath and shower traps.

We also keep a range of accessories to connect your washing machine and your dishwasher.