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Nippon Wasp Nest Powder 300g

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Nippon Wasp Nest Powder: Fast and Effective Wasp Nest Elimination

Welcome to our Nippon Wasp Nest Powder product page. Eliminate wasp nests quickly and efficiently with our powerful and easy-to-use wasp nest powder. Designed to target and destroy wasp nests, Nippon Wasp Nest Powder provides reliable protection for your home and garden. Discover why this powder is the preferred choice for homeowners seeking effective wasp control.

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Why Choose Nippon Wasp Nest Powder?

1. Powerful Formula

Nippon Wasp Nest Powder features a potent formula that effectively kills wasps upon contact. The fast-acting ingredients ensure immediate results, neutralizing nests swiftly and efficiently.

2. Easy Application

Our wasp nest powder comes with a handy applicator nozzle for precise and safe application. Simply puff the powder directly into the nest entrance from a safe distance. The powder disperses throughout the nest, ensuring thorough coverage and elimination.

3. Safe and Secure

Nippon Wasp Nest Powder allows you to eliminate wasp nests without getting too close, minimizing the risk of stings. Its precise applicator ensures you can target the nest accurately.

4. Versatile Use

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Nippon Wasp Nest Powder is perfect for treating nests in various locations, including under eaves, in attics, sheds, and garages. Wherever wasps are a problem, our powder provides a quick and effective solution.

Benefits of Nippon Wasp Powder

  • Immediate Results: Quickly kills wasps upon contact, providing instant relief from infestations.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use applicator nozzle for precise and controlled application.
  • Safe Distance Application: Allows for safe nest destruction from a distance, reducing the risk of stings.
  • Thorough Coverage: Disperses throughout the nest, ensuring complete elimination of all wasps.

How to Use

  1. Identify the Nest: Locate the wasp nest during late evening or early morning when wasps are less active.
  2. Prepare for Application: Ensure the wind is at your back and hold the bottle upright.
  3. Apply Powder: Stand a safe distance away and puff the powder directly into the nest entrance. Repeat as necessary to ensure thorough coverage.
  4. Wait and Remove: Allow 24 hours after application to ensure all wasps are dead. Carefully remove and dispose of the nest.

Online Reviews

“Nippon Wasp Nest Powder worked wonders for the wasp nest under my porch. It was easy to apply, and the wasps were gone the next day. Highly recommend!”

“This powder is fantastic. I had a wasp nest in my attic, and within hours of applying the powder, the wasps were eliminated. A must-have for wasp problems.”

Buy Nippon Wasp Nest Powder Today

Eliminate wasp nests quickly and safely with Nippon Wasp Nest Powder. Order now and enjoy a wasp-free home and garden. Trust in our reliable, long-lasting wasp control solution to protect your space.


Q: Is Nippon Wasp Nest Powder safe for pets? A: Keep pets and children away from treated areas until the powder has settled and the nest has been removed.

Q: Can I use this powder indoors? A: Yes, Nippon Wasp Nest Powder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ensure proper ventilation if used indoors.

Q: How quickly does the powder work? A: The powder begins working immediately upon contact, with most nests being neutralized within a few hours. Allow 24 hours to ensure all wasps are killed before removing the nest.

Ensure your home and garden are safe from wasps with Nippon Wasp Nest Powder – your ultimate solution for fast and effective wasp nest elimination!

Nippon Wasp Nest Powder 300g
RRP £5.99

Availability: In stock