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Stihl MS180 Chainsaw (Discontinued See MS171)

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The Stihl MS180 Chainsaw is currently our bestselling chainsaw at Masseys in Swadlincote – and for good reason. It is lightweight yet rugged chainsaw that is ideal for cutting firewood and also for property maintenance.

The powerful and economical 2-MIX engine supplies the saw with 1.9 bhp of power. It also has an easy to grip as well as a comfortable to hold and well-balanced chainsaw.

The side chain tensioner is great. Some saws have an awkward tensioner on the front of the chainsaw.

Masseys will assemble and PDI your Stihl MS180 chainsaw and do this before you leave the store. Don’t forget, Masseys in Swadlincote, Derbyshire has one of the largest Stihl displays in the UK!

Get up to 3 years warranty at Masseys

Stihl Motomix® domestic warranty extension. Extend your domestic warranty from 2 to 3 years with the purchase of 5 litres of STIHL Motomix® fuel. Buy same time as the chainsaw in store.

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Stihl MS180 Chainsaw Features

The MS180 is manufactured to provide the ultimate chainsaw experience:

  1. Stihl 2-MIX-Engine and Advanced Combustion Energy

High torque and wide speed range make the economical Stihl-2-MIX engine a friend of casual gardeners and upkeep professionals alike.

Witnessing fuel savings of up to 20 percent next to Stihl products with a two-stroke engine. The MS180 Chainsaw indeed benefits from a 50 percent reduction in exhaust emissions. Combined with the high-torque and broad rpm range, this product is undisputed one of the finest chainsaws on the market.

  1. Anti-Vibration System.

Stihl’s revolutionary anti-vibration system ensures comfort and safety come as standard. Engine oscillations are dampened, which means a significant reduction in vibrations on the handles.

  1. Compensator

The built-in compensator provides a constant fuel to air ratio in the combustion mixture. This in turn ensures a stable engine power, allowing cleaner and prolonged use compared to other models.

The filter of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw only requires cleaning after a considerable drop in power.

  1. Single-Lever Master Control

Just about every important chainsaw is featured on an easy-to-use single lever.

Start, choke, throttle and stop functions are handily grouped, meaning there’s no confusing of operations and how to access them.

  1. Side Chain Tensioner

This takes away potentially dangerous contact with the saw chain. The tensioning screw is located on the side of the tool, just through the sprocket cover.

  1. Ematic Chain Lubrication System

An enhanced lubrication system provides more efficient oil consumption and longer use and wear, as well as maximum lubrication.

The system is able to reduce chain oil consumption by as much as 50 percent, meaning your Stihl MS180 chainsaw can go for longer at a better rate.

Stihl MS180 Technical

Displacement cm³ 31.8
Power output kW/bhp 1.4/1.9
Weight kg 1) 4.1
System weight kg 2) 4.88
Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW 3
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 100
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 112
Vibration values left/right m/s² 4) 6.6/7.8
Oil pump Automatic
Tank volume l 0.25
Chain tensioning side tensioning
Sprocket – number of teeth 6 Z
Filter Yes
Bumper spike Yes
Cylinder 1/td>
Oil tank volume cm3 145
Sprocket Profilkettenrad
Anti vibration system Standard AV-System
Filler cap Screw fuel cap
Starting system Single lever and standard starter handle
EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0.714
CO2 g/kWh 859

1) Without fuel, without bar and chain
2) Unfueled, with guide bar and saw chain
3) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
4) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²

Owner Information and Safety Documents

Warranty Information

Purchased from Massey’s – Chainsaws purchased directly from Massey’s that have developed a manufacturing fault can be returned to store within the warranty period.

Items returned within the warranty period will be fixed by our own mechanics with no fee attached.

A warranty repair is carried out when a purchased tool or machine has failed due to improper workmanship or material. This is provided the product in question has been used under normal conditions and maintenance.

Purchased Elsewhere – Massey’s can process warranty claims on products bought elsewhere but completion may range from 4-12 weeks. This is due to the priority of ensuring our own customers are attended to.

There is an initial £29.99 inspection charge for products not purchased from Massey’s.  This is refunded upon confirmation of a warranty-eligible fault, and the manufacturer has accepted and processed the claim in full.


Stihl Chainsaw Advice


What else will I need to buy with my Stihl MS180 chainsaw??

2-Stroke Oil

2-stroke oil is a specially created motor oil designed to be used in two-stroke engines, such as the one in the MS180.

Stihl have their own range of patented premixed fuel, crafted to provide top-end performance for all products in which it is used.

Stihl MotoMix® has been described as “like a sports drink for your engine”, and boasts a mix of premium non-ethanol, high-octane fuel along with Stihl’s renowned HP Ultra Oil. All of this amounts to a clean product that offers performance and lubrication in great and equal measures.

As there is no ethanol, it is still good to use up to two years after opening. This also means that any used in the Stihl MS180 chainsaw remains just as good, even during long periods without use.

Chain Oil

The right chain lubricant can help keep your saw in top condition long into the future. There is a wide range of lubricant options available, all manufactured to ensure the chain is clean and able to be free-running on the guide bar.

It’s important to use a high-quality oil as their properties set them apart from alternatives. Oil should be slippery enough to prevent debris from sticking to the bar, yet sticky enough to not come away from the chain. It shouldn’t emit fumes during operation, either.

It may be possible to use alternatives oils, such as motor oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil, but this is not always advised.


There are a number of optional extras, too. The Masseys showroom is home to a vast array of chainsaw files, replacement bars and chains, safety equipment (PPE) and log saw horses should you need them.