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Screws & Nails

Screws and Nails


Pozidriv Countersunk Wood ScrewIf you would like a box of 200x screws – then we sell them. However, if you want only a few – we do that too. We open boxes of screws allowing people to buy as many as they need.

Standard wood screws range from 1/2 inch to 4 inch. However, frame fixings go up to around 7 inches.

We also have longer screws suitable for outdoors and fixing things like sleeps. They again will go up to around 7 inches.



nailsWe have a great range of nails including steel nails and galvanized nails.

You will find a range of clout nails / felt nails (and rolls of felt).

Our nails are sold in four different pack sizes – from 1/2 kg to 20 kg boxes.


Fixings and Plugs for Walls

Plasplug All-in-One PlugsWe have a great range of plugs for screws – including plugs for brick and concrete




]Fixings and Plugs for Plasterboard Walls

Plasterboard FixingAgain, you will find a great range of plugs for plasterboard walls and plugs for hollow doors.