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X-COM R Technical Forest Helmet

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A sturdy design yet lightweight protective helmet delivered with our new X-COM R Bluetooth ear protection, enables you to take and make phone calls effortlessly. The helmet can be adjusted in several ways to suit your particular needs. A new, innovative ventilation system generates a comfortable temperature for your head. The visor has been re-designed for better protection of your face and, above all, give you perfect visibility both when folded up or down.


Music streaming keypad

Stream music from your phone – easy and simple. Use the control buttons on your X-COM R while your phone stays in your pocket.
charging inlet

Built- in microphone

The built-in microphone can be used without external “boom mic” in less noisy environment.

PTT Easy-to-use talk-button

We have developed the highly requested talk-button to be larger and therefore more accessible. You will never have to miss a call again. In quieter surroundings, simply push the button to answer incoming calls and
talk comfortably into the integrated microphone. For louder surroundings we recommend using the external boom mic, available as an accessory.

TPE Sealing ring

High comfort ear muffs. Stays in place even if its very warm and sweaty.
Hygiene Kit
Weight 100 kg