Sikkens Filter 7 Woodstain 1L (Topcoat)

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Sikken Filter 7 can colour and protect interior and exterior hardwood and softwood surfaces, while allowing the beauty of the timber’s natural grain to be seen in its full glory.

Filter 7 plus is a highly translucent medium build, exterior woodstain. It is formulated with additional UV absorbers. These protective ingredients provide superior protection from the damaging effects of sunlight, which can so easily damage even the toughest wood, causing it to fade and become far less attractive.

Cetol Filter 7 Plus can also work superbly as a complete system in partnership with Cetol HLS Plus. This acts as a base stain and promotes optimum adhesion to the substrate. Then simply add two finish coats of UV resisting Filter 7 plus for a beautiful finish that delivers optimum protection to the wood surface in all weathers.


Sikken Filter 7 Colours:

Dark Oak, Ebony, Light Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Rosewood, Teak, Walnut.



Weight 100 kg