Ronseal Quick Drying Wood Stain 750ml

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Ronseal Quick Drying Wood Stain 750ml

The weather can be unpredictable, so after 30 minutes our Quick Drying Wood Stain will have coloured your exterior wood and will be rainproof. You just have to choose what wood shade you fancy.


  • Doesn’t yellow over time
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes
  • Tough, durable finish


Add a natural finish to your windows and doors while protecting them from rain, snow, frost and sunshine. Our Quick Drying Woodstain dries in 30 minutes and resists cracking and peeling too. It looks good and will protect your wood for longer.

  • Easy to apply, quick drying protection
  • Rainproof in only 30 minutes
  • Tough and durable to protect against the elements
  • Easy to apply


  • Rain proof in 30 minutes
  • Tough and durable against weathering
  • Easy to apply



Dark Oak – Gloss, Natural Oak, Antique Pine – Gloss, Mahogany – Gloss, Depp Mahogany – Gloss, Teak – Gloss, Walnut – Gloss, Smoked Walnut, Natural Pine – Satin, Mahogany – Satin, Walnut – Satin, Teak – Satin, Dark Oak – Satin, Antique Pine – Satin, Deep Mahogany – Satin, Natural Pine – Satin, Walnut – Satin, Smoked Walnut – Satin, Black Ebony – Satin