Masseys DIY Store


Masseys offer an installation service on the robotic lawn mowers with 20 miles of Swadlincote. The installation price is job specific, but it includes:

  • Initial survey of garden to advise on best machine for your lawn
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Complete installation of the robotic lawn mower
  • Robotic lawn mower left in working order and instruction for you on how to use it

Please contact the store today on 01283 217133 or email, [email protected]

A high-performance robotic model for large-area maintenance, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Operates autonomously and systematically within virtual boundaries, allowing for flexible and hassle-free turf care. Delivering highly professional results for sports fields or larger facility areas. Will cover: up to 60,000m² for a regular quality of cut (cutting every 3rd day), up to 40,000m² for a pro quality of cut (cutting every 2nd day), or up to 20,000m² for a pro sports quality of cut (cutting every day). Delivers a professional result on the turf, operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use. This CEORA™ configuration is equipped with the drive unit CEORA™ 544 EPOS, the tailored-made cutting deck Razor 43M, and the charging station CS4. An EPOS™ reference station is also required and available separately.


CEORA™ – Changing the game for turf care professionals

An autonomous mowing solution from Husqvarna is set to change the world of commercial turf care. With its huge area capacity, CEORA™ robotic mower is great news for all green space professionals. Systematic cutting and virtual boundaries deliver superb results and easier turf management on larger surfaces than ever. What’s more, this low noise, emission-free* solution offers thrilling future potential. It’s time to expand your horizons and embrace the future.


CEORA™ covers more turf than ever

At Husqvarna, we recognise the need to provide a wide variety of flexible solutions for today’s turf care professionals. And when it comes to larger spaces, we saw an opportunity to develop something new. Something that could cover a far wider area than our existing range, yet still deliver the cutting results you expect from a Husqvarna robotic solution. Enter Husqvarna CEORA™. It allows for a huge scale up of operations to meet increasing demands on time, turf quality and sustainability.

Systematic mowing delivers a winning result

Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means CEORA™ is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green space. You can also define work areas and set a schedule where various times and different grass heights between 20mm and 70mm are specified. Schedule one pitch for a morning cut, and another for an afternoon cut at a different cutting height. Frequent systematic high-precision mowing offers the perfect result when only cutting a small amount each time.

Flexible and hassle-free zone management

CEORA™ is a state-of-the-art autonomous mowing solution guided by Husqvarna EPOS technology. Precise satellite navigation with virtual boundaries eliminates the hassle of physical wires. Quick definitions of work areas and stay-out zones accommodate optimal use of the turf, while aerating is made easier without the risk of damage wires. The robotic mower travels between work areas on defined transport paths, while temporary stay-out zones can be created for more flexible turf management.


Large-scale precision turf care. Now at your fingertips.

Using mobile technology to stay connected to operations is second nature these days. And with CEORA™ you have complete control directly from your smart phone. Steering and defining cutting areas or changing the turf care schedule is fast and simple. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows surveillance and map localisation for full control and theft protection.