Hozelock Tuffhose Garden Hose Pipe – 12.5m, 25m and 35m (Currently no 12.5m)

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Hozelock Tuffhose Garden Hose Pipe – A NEW advanced hybrid garden hose, combining the best of two hose technologies – Traditional PVC and Textile.

Key benefits include:

  • Up to 50% lighter compared to traditional hoses
  • Kink free & easy to manoeuvre
  • Super tough and durable
  • Made with Tuff-Fibre Durable Woven Fibre Technology
Hose Length 25m
Hose Diameter 15mm
Hose Features Anti Kink, Anti UV, Durable, Flexible, Lightweight
Hose Structure Hybrid
Guarantee Period 30 Years

Tuffhoze Fabric Cutaway GraphicThe NEW advanced hybrid garden hose

Tuffhoze is a NEW hybrid garden hose, combing the best of PVC and textile hose technology, to create a hose that is lightweight, amazingly flexible & super tough:

Traditional PVC:

  • Dura-Tech inner core for incredible flexibility and maximum strength
  • High pressure burst resistance 40+ bar; in conjunction with the textile outer layer
  • Constant, high water flow even at low temperatures
  • Guaranteed length

Tuffhoze Coil & Tuff Fibre IconTextile:

  • Tuff-Fibre woven technology ensures enhanced durability for long lasting wear
  • Amazingly flexible, effortless to manoeuvre and store
  • Kink free & lightweight
  • UV resistant & easy to clean


TUFFHOZE - Flexible & Lightweight

Easy to manoeuvre – The hose is so light and flexible it makes watering around your garden effortless and easy to put away.

TUFFHOZE - Store on a Cart

Easy to store – Tuffhoze coils easily so can be simply wound onto a reel or cart.

TUFFHOZE - Garden Watering

For general, domestic garden use – Ideal for watering the garden, or tougher domestic cleaning tasks.

TUFFHOZE - Compatible - Multi Spray Pro

Hozelock Quick Connect System – Fully compatible with all accessories.

TUFFHOZE - Quick Connect - Leak Free Fittings

Guaranteed leak-free fittings – Ensures a water tight connection.

Tuffhoze Metal Connector - Close Up

Premium Metal fittings – Deliver a hard wearing connection that is built to last.

Guarantee – Tuffhoze is supplied with a 30 year guarantee.

Phthalate Free
Our hoses are free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins.


12.5 Metres, 25 Metres, 35 Metres