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Honda HRN 536 VK Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Honda HRN 536 VK Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

  • Self-propelled, variable speed Smart Drive
  • 3 in 1 Versamow selective mulching – mulch, bag, and discharge
  • Powerful Honda GCVx170 engine with auto choke system
  • MicroCut® twin blades system
  • Heavy-Duty 53cm/21″ steel deck
  • Suitable for lawns up to 1,800m²


The Honda HRN 536 VK is a 21 inch petrol lawnmower variable speed Smart Drive technology and mulching capability.

Engine – Honda HRN lawn mowers feature the powerful, easy starting Honda GCVx170 engine.

Honda HRN mowers feature Microcut System twin blades, which produce finer clippings, yielding more clippings per bag. That means less time spent emptying the bag!

Mulching is more efficient on the Honda HRN Series lawn mower. The exclusive Honda Twin Blade MicroCut System® results in exact cutting and fine mulching at any height. Finer grass clippings make better mulch, with fewer clumps and better grass distribution. The HRN’s exclusive steel desk design also contributes to improved mulching. The innovative deck design optimizes airflow by strengthening the turbulence of the clippings in cutter housing.

The Honda HRN Series is superior to the competition in clogging toughness, while delivering a high quality cut finish. Honda internal tests showed the HRN mowed more than three times as far as the competition.

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Honda HRN 536 VK Features


Superior Mulching and Bagging – The HRN mowers offer superior cut quality whether you’re mulching or bagging, even in tough mowing conditions.

MicroCut® Twin Blades System – Stacked and offset twin blade design provides superior cut quality and smaller clippings for better mulching and bagging.

Innovative Deck Design – Optimizes airflow for superior bagging and mulching. The single piece construction and improved scroll reduces clogging and improves bagging and mulching performance

Dual-Lever Height Adjustment  – User-friendly levers conveniently adjust to 7 cutting heights (1″-4″).

Smart Drive Self Propelled – Intuitive, variable speed control while mowing. Five adjustable positions for user comfort. Variable speed from 0 to 4 mph.

Easy Fold Quick Release handle for easy height adjustment and storage – Easily adjust the handle to 2 comfortable mowing positions, or fold over for storage.

Dual-Lever Height Adjustment System – User-friendly levers conveniently adjust to 7 cutting heights (1″ to 4″)

Large easy off 70 litre grass bag – Our large capacity grass bags are balanced so they are easy to empty, saving you time and effort.

8″ High Traction Wheels – Excellent traction in a variety of mowing conditions.

Improved Maneuverability
2-Way Ratchet System improves maneuverability and reduces effort to turn in a tight radius, drastically reducing pull-back force

Smart Drive Speed Control

The Smart Drive variable speed control allows you to easily adjust your speed while comfortably resting your hands on the handlebars. Smart Drive uses an ergonomically shaped paddle lever designed to be used by either hand. Simply place your hands on the convenient, adjustable control and rotate it to match your mowing conditions. You can immediately change speeds just by turning the Smart Drive control. The design is very intuitive and easy to control.

Other mowers require you to push the handlebars or pull a lever, and don’t allow you to change hands or positions. With Smart Drive, there’s no need to push. And you can switch hands, or even use just one hand if you like.

Smart Drive is designed to be used with your palms or thumbs, whichever is comfortable. It’s so easy to rotate that you can do it with just one hand.

You can easily adjust the Smart Drive control starting position up or down to fit your own individual preferences. With 5 different settings, the Smart Drive control is easy and comfortable to use.

MicroCut® Twin Blades System

Honda is the only manufacturer to offer a unique twin blade mowing system. The MicroCut® Twin Blade System gives you the ultimate in mowing performance. Two blades result in more “bites” into the grass, cutting the grass into smaller pieces. The leading upper blade makes a major cut at the front. Then the lower blade makes a smaller cut. The clippings then circulate around inside the deck, with the blades continuing to cut them into smaller and smaller pieces.