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HG terracotta protector

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The terracotta tile sealer of HG helps you maintain your terracotta floor easy and fast. The HG terra cotta protector is a removable polymer protective film for all types of cotto floors. It offers protection to your cotta floor without damaging it. This terracotta sealer even improves the colour and structure of the floor.

  • Extremely easy to apply (and to remove)
  • Protects against penetration of dirt, stains and wear
  • Suitable for all types of terra cotta floors
  • Provides shine

Terracotta sealer for a shiny floor

Do you want to provide your cotto floor with a new shiny protective film? Our terracotta tile sealer is what you need. Besides the fact that this terracotta protector provides shine, it also protects your cotto floor against penetration of dirt, stains and wear. You can keep your terracotta floor clean after sealing with the HG terra cotta cleaner shine restorer (product 86).

How do you use HG terra cotta protector?

Follow the steps below to provide your cotto floor with a shiny protective film by using the HG terra cotta protector (HG product 84).

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all the dirt and dust.
  2. Apply the liquid evenly in one direction, using a wax spreader. When all the tiles are covered leave it to dry for a moment.
  3. Once the product has dried (after 40 minutes), you could apply a second layer terra cotta protector crosswise onto the first one.
  4. Polish the floor after applying the terracotta tile sealer with a lint-free cloth or a polishing machine.

1 litre is sufficient for approximately 40 m2.

HG terra cotta protector