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HG hob cleaner 500ml

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HG hob cleaner

HG hob cleaner is an effective cooktop cleaner that can be used for the daily cleaning of all types of induction and glass ceramic cooktops. The hob cleaner quickly and easily removes grease, oil, scale and more, whilst leaving a fresh smelling fragrance and keeping your hob looking as good as new.

  • Quickly and easily removes day-to-day dirt, such as grease, cooking liquids, and mild scale from the hob.
  • Suitable to be used as a ceramic, induction and glass hob cleaner.
  • Effectively cleans your hob without damaging the surface

Effective and versatile hob cleaner for everyday use

HG hob cleaner is versatile, so it can be used as a ceramic, electric or induction hob cleaner. It can effectively remove dirt and grease from any surface, without damaging it.

If you clean your hob daily, you can prevent stubborn grime and burnt food from sticking to it. This special hob cleaner not only cleans well, it also gives you a beautiful shiny cooktop that smells fresh.

How do you use HG hob cleaner?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG hob cleaner.

  1. Spray the hob cleaner a few times on the induction or ceramic hob.
  2. Let it soak into the cooktop for a few seconds then wipe away the solution with a damp cloth.
  3. Wipe the hob dry using a dry cloth or kitchen roll until the cooktop surface is dry and sparkling clean.

Our ceramic, induction and electric hob cleaner makes it easy to remove dirt and grease every day. To remove stubborn grease, dirt and burnt food from an induction or ceramic hob, you can try HG hob cleaner extra strong.

HG hob cleaner