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Eliet Maestro City Shredder (Up to 40mm)

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The Eliet Maestro City Shredder is a strong and sturdy shredder and an ideal solution for chopping materials up to 40mm in diameter. This particular model features the 160cc Briggs & Stratton XR 750 engine as a large amount of power is needed to efficiently chop the wood. Please note this is designed as a chipper, should anyone want to exclusively shred such moisture-rich green material, ELIET advises to replace the standard calibration sieve by an optional “multi-purpose grating for wet greenwaste” (Art. code MA 001 052 001) in order to prevent any clogging.

Eliet shredders benefit from their refined Chopping Principle which exposes the natural weakness of the wood’s grain. With 36,000 cuts made per minute, the resulting ‘Biotech Chips’ are uniform in size, and are perfect for composting. The resulting airy mixture will have just the right amount of moisture to aid mulching or composting.

The Eliet Maestro City has a compact 60 litre collection bag which conveniently connects to the frame using magnetic contacts. The chippings are efficiently collected into the bag to minimise mess. The chippings can be used as a boost for your compost heap, or be spread underneath your border plants as a fertile mulch layer.

The shredding chamber and feed hopper are made of steel, and are welded firmly to the frame itself.

Don’t worry about the noise level of the Maestro City. Eliet have worked hard to create a range of machines that aren’t too obtrusive. The noise level of this particular shredder is 112 dB (A). There is sound insulation in the funnel will help to soften the drumming sounds which the chipping action produces

Other features which the Eliet Maestro City shredder include a wide funnel opening. The funnel can be removed and the handles are designed for ease of use, so you’ll find storing and transporting the Maestro is a breeze. The rubber feet on the shredder provide excellent stability during use which is an important safety feature.

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Eliet Maestro City Performance:

Engine – 5,5 hp B&S XR 750
Shreddable timber diameter – 40 mm
Chopping speed (cuts/min) – 36.000
Capacity – 10 full wheelbarrows per hour.
Shredding technology – ELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
Knives – 12 ELIET RESISTTM knives (reversible)
Feed height (mm/inch) – 1050 mm / 41 inch
Collecting box capacity – 60 L / 16 US gallon
Chassis – steel
Storage dimensions – (L x W x h in mm/inch) 740 x 650 x 910 mm / 29 x 26 x 36 inch
Wheels – (Ø x W / material) 250 x 75 mm / 10 x 3 inch
Transmission – direct

Dimensions – (L x W x H in mm / inch) 1360 x 650 x 1260 mm / 54 x 26 x 50 inch
Noise level – Lw(A) 112 dB(A)
Weight – 63 kg / 139 lbs




Chipping wood is not a menial task. Here, a lot of power is unleashed inside the machine. A chipper only has a long operating life when no compromises are made in terms of quality and durability of the materials used. All of the ELIET chippers (small and large) are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship. The Maestro City is just one example of this. The steel shredding chamber is firmly welded to the tubular frame. The feed hopper of the ELIET Maestro City has also been manufactured from steel.



In the interests of the environment, ELIET always try to obtain harmony between the machine and its surroundings. The shredding chamber has a double wall in order to reduce the noise pollution from this chipper. The frame wall sound damping material dampens the drumming effect of the chippings on the wall. This action reduces the noise level by several dB.



The fine chippings that the MAESTRO City spits out form the basis for what will later be nutritional compost. These chippings are immediately collected in a large collection bag so that not one single chipping is lost. The contents of one full collection bag (60 litres) is more than enough to fill one wheelbarrow. The chippings do not always have to be deposited in the compost container. They can also be applied as a fertile mulch layer underneath the plantings at the borders of your garden.



There is a sight-glass in the top plate of the chassis so you can easily see when the bag is getting full.



Thanks to its special shredding system, the Eliet Maestro can deal with not only thick branches but also fine pruning waste including that from hedges and shrubs with no problem. Also leafy-rich green waste from flower borders or vegetable gardens can be mixed in together. Even autumn leaves that have been collected up can be put through the shredder.



Should anyone want to exclusively shred such moisture-rich green material, ELIET advises to replace the standard calibration sieve by an optional “multi-purpose grating for wet greenwaste” (Art. code MA 001 052 001) in order to prevent any clogging.



In order to transport the Maestro easily in the boot-trunk of a vehicle, the feed-in chute can be completely removed. This is done simply with the turn of a hand, no tools are required.
This feature is also especially handy for storing the machine as compactly as possible in the garage or shed when the work is finished.

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