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Eliet KS240 B&S Lawn Edger

Our Price £899.00

Features include:

1. Robust Frame

2. Steel Cutting Blade

3. Adjustable blade angle

4. Safety Protection Guard

5. Height Ajustable Handlebar


In the same way as a pen must be firmly grasped in your hand in order to draw a straight line, you must also firmly grasp an lawn edger. This enables every movement of the handlebar to result in a similar movement of the blade. At ELIET, we have also firmly decided to opt for a robust welded frame so that any play in bolt fastenings is eliminated.

A robust steel blade is required for heavy work. The blade has two sharp cutting edges so that it can cut easily and perfectly. You can also adjust the lawn edger so that it cuts at a maximum depth of 80 mm.

The blade drive automatically engages as soon as the depth adjustment is selected.
You can use an ergonomically located lever on the handlebar to adjust the blade depth to a number of positions. The handlebar mounted dead man’s handle is a passive protection device that prevents you from accidentally placing your hands near to the blade.

The angle of the blades can also be adjusted. Hence the ability to cut away excess grass without damaging the structure of lawn edges.

The edger blade sometimes cuts through soil or alongside kerbs. However, when this is done, it is very likely that stones will be thrown up out of the ground. To offer protection for the operator or bystanders, the machine has a crescent-shaped protection guard fitted. An extra nylon deflector covers the gap between the machine and the ground in order to confine anything that is thrown up out of the ground. The ELIET lawn edger is thus a market leader in terms of safety.

You can also use the ELIET edger to perfectly mow curves in creative lawns. To this end, the axle of the front wheel is aligned with the blade shaft. This means that the blade follows the curve that is made by the front wheel. The operator can thus follow the curves in the lawn much more accurately.

ELIET have therefore ensured that the operator can concentrate entirely on cutting the lawn edge without anything else distracting him. The lawn edger is also equipped with large wheels that run smoothly. The wheels rotate on roller bearings. These wheels have a wide tread, thus providing maximum stability ; they are also able to withstand sandy and dusty conditions.

The special shape of the handlebar ensures that the operator walks at an angle behind the machine so that he does not damage the lawn edge by walking over it in order to steer his machine in the correct direction. Operators who have a large build must also be able to adopt a comfortable work posture. To this end, ELIET have therefore equipped its lawn edger with a stepped height adjustable handlebar.


More Information
Display SKU MA 010 010 121
Manufacturer Eliet
Model MA 010 010 121
Engine Power 4hp
Engine Make B&S Series 550
Professional/ Domestic/ Hire Professional
Overall Dimensions 1270 x 460 x 920mm
Weight 34kg
Depth Adjuster Max 80mm
Angle Adjuster 0° – 25° – 45°
Weight 100 kg