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Campingaz 3 Series Premium S Gas BBQ (3 Burner + Side Burner)

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Campingaz 3 Series Premium S Gas BBQ, 3 Burner + Side Burner Gas Barbecue – This advanced 3 burner gas barbecue combines modern styling and robust construction with the latest barbecuing technology, making it ideal for groups and families. The lid, burners and cooking surfaces are all backed by a 5 Year Warranty, giving you the freedom to grill all year round, confident that you have the ultimate barbeque performance at your fingertips.

A new engineered design:
The distinctive T-shaped body, sturdy side tables and lid of this barbecue combine crisp edges and smooth curves, while the lid and cupboard handles are more substantial and have a premium feel. One side table incorporates the convenient Push 2 Fold mechanism making it easier to raise and lower while the opposite table is fixed in position and incorporates a separate side burner. Behind the cupboard double doors is a generous storage space allowing for gas bottles up to 13kg to be installed within chassis.

New innovation and technology – InstaClean® Aqua Pro:
The InstaClean® Aqua Pro System lets the dishwasher ease the burden of clean-up by allowing internal firebox components to be removed and placed into a standard dishwasher. The system on this 3 burner barbecue also features a single water filled slide out grease drawer to retain cooking residue, with a drain and waste box with filter in the door for easy disposal.

Significantly less flare-ups:
The new burner and grid design removes the requirement for burner protectors, greatly reducing flaring during cooking, while the Campingaz® Blue Flame stainless steel burners deliver a single row of vertical flames directly to the grilling surface and evenly across the entire cooking area.

Versatile cooking and grilling options with Campingaz® Culinary Modulars:
Simply take out the inner ring of the cast iron Culinary Modular Grid and insert one of the various Campingaz® Culinary Modular Barbecue Accessories including; Paella pan, Pizza stone, Wok and Chicken roaster.

Make a party for family and friends with the 3 Series Premium S gas grill. Fitted with efficient and powerful stainless steel burners with the efficient Blue Flame Power System that significantly reduces flames, keeping your food tasty and juicy.
Together with a large enamelled cooking surface, this barbecue is perfect for preparing a wide variety of fresco meals. The powerful side burner can be used to cook grilled food side dishes, allowing you to cook a sumptuous feast with ease.
The Campingaz ® Culinary Modular System offers sturdy grill plates with great versatility in cooking. The barbecue can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly thanks to the Campingaz  InstaClean ® Aqua System .
– Electric ignition with individually illuminated buttons. Batteries included.
– Powerful side burner to prepare sauces or other side dishes
Supports up to 13 kg gas bottles in a partially closed trolley with doors
– Castors with brakes provide a secure position and excellent mobility.
– Integrated hooks for easy access and storage of barbecue accessories
– 5 year warranty on the Campingaz ® Blue Flame Power System and the cooking surface

Campingaz 3 Series Premium S features in one overview

  • Considerably less flames in the barbecue due to the design

    The Blue Flame power system from Campingaz ® offers accelerated preheating, optimal heat distribution and significantly fewer flames thanks to its design. 

    The burner protection is integrated in the optimized cast iron grids and thus replaces the burner protection layer under the cooking surface. This prevents hot grease and juices from accumulating and causing flames.
    Water from the InstaClean ® Aqua further helps to counteract the above.

  • Long-lasting cooking versatility with Campingaz® Culinary Modulars

    Expand your kitchen with the multifunctional cooking solutions from Campingaz ® !
    All you have to do is remove the inner ring of the grid or remove / invert the adjacent baking tray and insert one of the various Campingaz ® Culinary Modular Barbecue Accessories. (Items can be purchased separately).
    The Campingaz ® Culinary Modulars offer all the options your barbecue heart desires.

  • Effortless cleaning thanks to InstaClean® Aqua Pro technology

    We love to grill – but cleaning is always a problem. Good news: with the Campingaz InstaClean ® Aqua system, this will be a piece of cake thanks to the power of water. Scrubbing is no longer necessary! 

    The water is filled into the front grease drawers, preventing all grease and food residues from baking into the cooking surface. When it’s time to clean, you can remove the grill parts and simply rinse. The waste water in the grease drawer can be easily drained by removing the plug.
    Barbecues come with a waste water container including a removable filter to separate dense fat, which makes the disposal of waste water even easier.

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  • Campingaz 3 Series Premium S – Space-saving at the touch of a button!

    The Campingaz ® Push2Fold side tables are equipped with a robust and durable folding mechanism that makes the barbecue easier to store. 

    With a simple push on the lever under the side table, it can be easily folded, making it much more compact immediately.
    You can re-set the side table of the Campingaz 3 Series Premium S by simply lifting it up until the system snaps it back into position.
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