Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo (Full BBQ and Full Flat)

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The Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo is all-in-one outdoor cooking convenience. The portable barbecue offers you an unrivaled number of cooking solutions for your outdoor cooking needs. Ideal for your next camping trip, caravanning holiday, or merely for your home patio or gardening entertaining.CADAC CARRI CHEF 2 BBQ CHEF PAN COMBO

The chef pan and die-cast barbecue grill are non-stick coated for easy cooking and cleaning, with the pot stand is chrome nickel plated for durability. Easy to light and adjust thanks to the gas control valve and piezo ignition, the enamelled lid has a built in thermometer and adjustable stainless steel vent so you can accurately monitor and control the temperature without removing the lid.
Suitable for up to eight people, it includes three interchangeable cooking surfaces consisting of a pot stand, non-stick barbecue top and a non-stick chef pan which sits upon a removable fat pan that easily collects any fat or debris. The Carri Chef 2 is an easy to build, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to stow barbecue which packs into a convenient zipped carry bag.

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Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo Features:
Includes interchangeable cooking surfaces for a variety of cooking options
Quick and Easy – Swap one top for another without any additional parts
Integrated lid and thermometer with a 48cm diameter cooking surface area
Dome hooks onto the side to act as a windshield and splashback protector
Easy to light with automatic piezo ignition
Quick and easy to assemble without any tools
Includes a convenient carry/storage bag

  • ø 47cm
  • Non Stick Easy Clean BBQ Top with integral heat deflector
  • 45cm Non stick coated aluminium Chef Pan
  • Dome Lid with precise thermometer
  • Nickel Plated Pot Stand
  • Piezo Ignition
  • Responsive temperature control
  • Carry bag included

The Carri Chef 2 is piezo ignited with finely adjustable gas control. It operates off gas cylinders, butane regulated to 30mbar or propane regulated to 37mbar.

Optional extras you can buy with this BBQ:

• 98185 47cm Deluxe Cover

• 8910-107 Leg Bag

• 98399 Tapas set

• 5758 Paella Pan 47cm

• 98331 Large 42cm Pizza Stone

• 8910-105 Roast Pan

• 8910- Skottle Top

• 8910-100 Grill②Braai

• 8910-108 BBQ Plancha Plate

The Cadac Carri Chef 2 Barbecue / Chef Pan Combi is all-in-one outdoor cooking convenience.


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