BURGprotect Smart Home 2200 Starter Set

RRP £269.00

The BURGprotect range offers protection from burglary, fire and water into one easy to install and manage system. The 2200 Starter Set consists of one Base 2200 unit, two Contact 2030 detectors, one Motion 2010 detector and a handy remote control. The Starter Set offers safeguarding of window and doors, and the motion detector detects intruders. The Base 2200 has a integrated siren, which as well as controlling your system will alert you to any detection.

Additional items in the BURGprotect range include water detector, vibration alarm and smoke alarm. All of which can be monitored and controlled from the BURGprotect mobile app.


At the heart of the BURGprotect system is the Base 2200 unit. All household sensor are quick and easy connect to the Base 2200. With a sensor range of up to 50 meters. When activated the system monitors and alerts the user if a sensor detects an event. Within seconds a notification is sent to the linked smartphone. At the same time the device emits an alarm sound of up to 100 decibels.

The BURGprotect system needs only an internet connection to be used, with the control unit able to access via LAN, WLAN or GSM.

Smart Home 2200 Starter Set features everything you need to start protecting your home. The set includes two contact sensors for securing doors and windows, and a motion sensor for capturing burglars movement.

Weight 100 kg