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AS 920 Sherpa 2WD Ride on Brushcutter

RRP £12,210.00

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  • AS 920 2WD – 27hp (max) B&S engine, Variable hydrostatic transmission, (L)191 x (W)106 x (H)152 cm, 280kg.
  • AS 920 Sherpa 2WD
  • Due to the small turning radius of just 60 cm, the AS 920 2WD offers very agile handling with high area performance.
  • The rear-wheel drive with switchable differential lock ensures excellent off-road capability.
  • The AS tall grass mower with exchangeable, movably mounted blades mows and thickens thick, tall grass with scrub.
  • The main knife cuts, the crusher crushes the clippings. To protect against damage , the surfing mower deck evades up when there is uneven terrain.
  • The infinitely adjustable driver’s seat with innovative suspension system and the ergonomic seating position allow even taller people to work comfortably over a longer period.