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AS 531 E-ProCut B Naked

RRP £3,050.00

Demo available on request!

The AS 531 E-ProCut is equipped with the new AS-Motor Electric drive. The electric motor has an incredible 3,200 watts of rated power from two 56V 10 Ah Li-ion batteries. With the two insertable hand batteries, it brings it to an energy reserve of 1,120 Wh.

The brushless motor’s power and torque make it the current leader among battery-powered mowers. With its power reserves, it can compensate for power peaks à la “molehill” at lightning speed without switching off. For maximum range, the large 28 Ah back battery can be connected in addition to the two plug-in batteries. With 2,688 Wh in the “power tank”, nothing stands in the way of a professional workday.

With its centrally located mono-arm, the catch bag can be emptied comfortably and easily from any side. The AS 531 E-ProCut MK B is the only professional lawn mower in its class to feature an automatic safety brake and differential lock. As soon as the blade clutch lever is released, the parking brake is activated and stops the mower safely, even on slopes. The open V-shape of the handlebar with the operating concept developed by AS-Motor takes the strain off the machine operator: the left hand can be used to continuously regulate the speed from 3.0 to 4.5 km/h during work via the Variomatic lever.

The right hand steers and operates the blade clutch, the travel drive and the parking brake. The swiveling handlebar allows the AS 531 to be used comfortably along house walls, fences, hedges or when mowing next to parked cars. The VibrationProtect vibration damping system on the guide bar reduces tiring hand-arm vibrations.

Product advantages

(Price excludes battery and charger)

Automatic parking brake (AS 531)
When the drive lever is released, the parking brake automatically engages and the machine stops, whether on a slope or level ground.

Automatic limited-slip differential
100% limited-slip differential activates in the drive, enabling better handling.

Simple operating concept
Operation of the parking brake, blade engagement, limited-slip differential, drive function, speed adaptation, all with just three levers.

The variable speed adjustment allows optimal performance in all work conditions.

Weight distribution
Optimal weight distribution for ergonomic handling and fatigue-free work.

Mono bar with V-handlebar
Easy emptying of the collection basket through single-bar design. Ergonomic V-handlebar, laterally adjustable.


(Price excludes battery and charger)

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