Masseys DIY Store

Pest Control

We are gradually turning our website into a catalogue of products we sell. However, with 25,000 lines this will take a while, so here is a flavour of this department until we get there!


Rat Traps, Mouse Traps and PoisonMouse Trap

In store we have a complete range of products for controlling rats, mice and many other rodents. We keep a full range of rat traps, mouse traps and poison



Fly, Wasp and Crawling Insect Killer

In store throughout the year Masseys has a range of products for controlling flies, cockroaches, wasps and other crawling insects. Products include Dethlac and Nippon products.


Ant Powder and Ant Bait StationsAnt Killer Liquid

In store are a range of products to control ants. These products include ant powder and ant bait stations.


Slug Pellets and Slug Traps

Slug and Snail TrapWe do keep slug pellets and other slug deterrents to help stop them eating your plants, fruit and vegetables.


Plant Protection against bugs & disease

Plants, trees and bushes are often attacked by bugs and / or disease and we keep a comprehensive range of products to help you fight these pests. We have products that will get rid of:BugClear

Greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, caterpillars, Red Spider Mite to name but a few, as well as clearing disease like blackspot and other fungus. Please note that fungus prevention is easier than a cure.