Masseys DIY Store




squire-lp9-2-5-leopard-brass-long-shackle-padlock-40mm-1_7In store you will find a fantastic range of Squire padlocks from brass padlocks through to the highest security padlocks.





Keyed Alike Padlocks

squire-lp9-2-5-leopard-brass-long-shackle-padlock-40mm-1_7Looking for more than one padlock with the same key? Well we have a range of keyed alike padlocks – so you will use the same key for all of the padlocks.





Combination Padlocks

Combination Padlock 50mmDon’t want the hassle of a key with your padlocks? Well not to worry, we have a great range of combination padlocks in store.





Security Cables

Squire Security Cable The big advantage of cable locks is they are highly flexible and easy to carry. Purpose designed for bicycles, Squire multi-strand cable locks come in many lengths and diameters so you can easily lock your bike to a fixed object.