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In the Greenhouse

We are gradually turning our website into a catalogue of products we sell. However, with 25,000 lines this will take a while, so here is a flavour of this department until we get there!

Greenhouse Spares

In store we have a range of accessories for the greenhouse. This includes products like the square head nuts and bolts, the z and w clips for holding in the glass and bubble wrap in both large and small bubble. The bubble wrap is sold per metre. If you didn’t want to use glass your greenhouse we do have a range of 2mm and 4mm thick Perspex that comes in a variety of sizes between 4×2 and 6×4 sheets.

Paraffin Heaters & Paraffin Parasene Greenhouse Heater

We have a range of paraffin heaters from brands like Parasene and Apollo that are used to keep the frost at bay during the winter. We do have paraffin 4 litre containers

Plant Pots, Seed Trays and Seed Propagators

Seed PropagatorOur range of plastic plant pots and plastic seed trays in store are perfect for growing seeds, taking cuttings or transferring plants.

Propagators are designed to keep plants, cuttings and seedlings warm encouraging growth. In store, we have a range of electric heated and non heated propagators from brands like Sankey.

Garden Seeds

In store, Masseys have 6x stands of seeds including vegetable seeds and flowering seeds. All of the seed are supplied by Fothergills seeds. As well as the plant seeds, we also keep grass seed in 10kg bags, 20kg bags and also loose.

Plant Foods Miracle-Gro Plant Food

The website does have a page dedicated to the types and brands of plant food, tomoato food and lawn food we keep in stock. In summary we keep a variety of plant foods and our brands include Miracle-Gro, Tomorite and Scotts.

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