Masseys DIY Store

Gardening Tools

Garden Tools

As you can see, Masseys have a fantastic range of garden tools for every job


Garden Forks, Spades, Rakes etc

fork and spadeIn store you will find two range of garden forks and spades. These include the carbon steel range which are very competitively priced within the market.

You will also find a complete range of premium stainless steel garden tools.

Products include forks, spades, trowels, soil rakes, leaf rakes and hoes.


Garden Loppers and Secateurs

Loppers and SecateursOur range of garden loppers and garden secateurs include the Wilkinson Sword brand, Fiskars and Wolf Garten brand and secaterus start at under £10.00

If you are looking for professional secateurs and loppers then we do stock the professional Stihl secateurs and loppers.



Lawn Shears and Hedge Shears

lawn shearsThese Lawn Shears and Hedge Shears are from brands including Wilkinson Sword, Fiskars and Wolf Garten.




Long Reach Tree Pruners

WGARCMZMV3You will find a range of long reach tree pruners from brands like Fiskars and Wolf Garten




Gardening Gloves & Wellies

Wellies and Gardening GlovesIn store are a great range of gardening gloves including disposable gloves, builders gloves and premium leather gardening gloves. Our range of wellies are unisex and are in all popular sizes.



Axes, Mauls and Sledge Hammers

Short Handled AxeAxes and mauls sledge hammers are available with either a wooden or fibre glass handle and there are both short handled and long handles tools. These are from brands like Silverline and W M Faulks.

As well as the axes and mauls we do have splitting wedges, replacement axe handles, shaft wedges and lump and sledge hammers.[



Masseys have a good range of wheelbarrows including builder’s wheelbarrows and gardening wheelbarrows.




Bow Saws

bow sawWe have two ranges of bow saw blades and these are from brands including Bahco and Silverline. We do also sell the replacement blades for bow saws and these are available in four different sizes.



Silky Saws

silky sawJapanese high end saws including the hand held saws like the Pocket Boy through to the large Silky Hayauchi. Silky Saws really are some of the world’s best.



Equestrian Tools

Equestrian_1We have a great range of equestrian tools including muck forks, shovels and rakes. As well as the tools, we also have a range of Tubtrugs in various sizes and colour.