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Garden Micro Irrigation System


Garden Micro Irrigation System – Drip irrigation

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Easy, versatile and accurate

Drip irrigation allows you to give each plant the right amount of water, at the required time: an ideal solution for all potted plants, for flower beds and also for the vegetable garden. With the Rainjet® range made by Claber, the largest and most complete drip irrigation and micro-irrigation offer, it is easy to create a “tailor-made” system for the plants in your garden and on your balconies and terraces. This way your plants will be happy and you will save precious time and water.

Garden Irrigation for flower beds

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Irrigation systems for hanging baskets, greenhouses and plant pots

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Irrigation system for lawns

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Smart Water Management

The “brain” of the drip irrigation system is the battery-powered water timer, which is connected to the tap and allows you to choose the times and duration of irrigation. Claber battery-powered water timers are extremely reliable, have an elegant design and offer the choice between different types of programming: with two buttons to easily set the run time, with a knob to choose one of the many irrigation programmes already set and with a display, for tailor-made irrigation on one or two lines.


A tailor-made irrigation system

From the battery powered water timer, the water flows through a flexible main tube and the feeding tubes to reach the individual potted plants. Claber Rainjet® range includes everything you need to create your own tailor-made system, with no need for tools and no worries.

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Rainjet® accessories
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Accurate and gentle irrigation

The drippers distribute water to the plants, drop by drop, minimising water stagnation on the ground, which can lead to fungi and diseases, as well as water waste due to evaporation. Laboratory tested to ensure the utmost accuracy, Claber drippers can be connected to the feeding hoses or directly onto the main tube and can be fixed or adjustable, with different water flow rates.

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Rainjet® drippers
Rainjet® Micro-sprinklers
Aqua-Magic System

For indoor plants too

With Claber, the advantages of drip irrigation also extend to indoor plants at home and in the office, with original ideas, efficient and that require no connections to the tap. Idris, the drip irrigation system that works using normal plastic bottles. Oasis, the electronic water distributor to water up to 20 pots, ideal when you go away on holiday.