Masseys DIY Store

Garden Gate Furniture

Garden Gate Shed Door Tower Brenton Pad Bolt 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mmLooking for a bolt to secure your gate – well we have a range of Breton bolts, floor bolts, tower bolts and spring loaded bolts




Gate Hinges

Heavy Duty Gate Hinges for Garden Gates with Epoxy Black Finish 400mmYou will find a great range of gate hinges



Hooks and Bands

Hook and Band 250mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Gate Hinges 10 InchWe have a range of black and galvanised hooks and bands in store




Hasp and Staple

hasp-staple-8-heavy-duty-galv-1180-pWe have a variety of different sizes of hasp and staple in black and galvanised.




Gate Latches

XFORT® Ring Gate Latch, Garden Gate & Garden Door Catch, Auto Gate Ring You will find a range of black and galvanised gate latches in store.




Gate Springs

Gate Spring, Heavy Duty Gate Spring Closer,A range of different sizes of gate springs.