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Dulux Silk 2.5L Standard Emulsion Paint

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Dulux Silk Emulsion Paint is a smooth and creamy silk paint that offers a wipe-clean delicate shine finish.



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Dulux Silk 2.5L Standard Emulsion is a smooth and creamy silk paint that offers a wipe-clean delicate shine finish.


Dulux Silk 2.5L Standard Emulsion

  • For interior use: Yes.
  • For exterior use: No.
  • Suitable surfaces: Walls and ceilings.
  • Coverage: 5L covers 63 sq m.
  • Drying time: Touch dry in 2 – 4 hours.
  • Time to recoat: 2 hours minimum.
  • Coats recommended: 2.
  • Wipeable: Yes.
  • Coverage is dependent on the kind of surface being painted and should be used as a guide only.
  • Effect and finish: Silk.
  • Type: Emulsion.
  • Size: 2.5L.

Remeber, if you cannoy find the Dulux colour in the pre-mixed range, we can mix any Dulux old colours on our Dulux paint machine.

Dulux Silk 2.5L Standard Emulsion colours on the shelf at Masseys in 2023…

5010212404614  ALMOND WHITE 2.5L
5010212000434  APPLE WHITE 2.5L
5010212640104  BANANA SPLIT 2.5L
5010212573105  BERRY SMOOTHIE 2.5L
5010212470053  BLUE BABE 2.5L
5010212640128  BLUSH PINK 2.5L
5010212658024  BRAVE GROUND 2.5L
5010212661208  BRIGHT SKIES 2.5L
5010212100240  BUTTERMILK 2.5L
5010212554593  CHIC SHADOW 2.5L
5010212505618  COOKIE DOUGH 2.5L
5010212618257  COPPER BLUSH 2.5L
5010212429600  CORNFLOWER WHITE 2.5L
5010212436110  DAFFODIL WHITE 2.5L
5010212640067  DENIM DRIFT 2.5L
5010212532768  DUSTED FONDANT 2.5L
5010212477922  EGYPTIAN COTTON 2.5L
5010212640111  EMERALD GLADE 2.5L
5010212618301  FINE CREAM 2.5L
5010212477939  FIRST DAWN 2.5L
5010212491720  GENTLE FAWN 2.5L
5010212618325  GOOSE DOWN 2.5L
5010212640098  HEART WOOD 2.5L
5010212463581  IVORY 2.5L
5010212477960  IVORY LACE 2.5L
5010212449554  JASMINE WHITE 2.5L
5010212508480  JUST WALNUT 2.5L
5010212640074  KIWI CRUSH 2.5L
5010212618264  LAVENDER QUARTZ 2.5L
5010212102510  MAGNOLIA 2.5L
5010212528587  MALT CHOCOLATE 2.5L
5010212508527  MELLOW MOCHA 2.5L
5010212640159  MELON SORBET 2.5L
5010212495001  MINERAL MIST 2.5L
5010212573136  MINT MACAROON 2.5L
5010212446706  NATURAL CALICO 2.5L
5010212446713  NATURAL HESSIAN 2.5L
5010212618226  NATURAL SLATE 2.5L
5010212446720  NATURAL WICKER 2.5L
5010212618240  NORDIC SKY 2.5L
5010212554616  NUTMEG WHITE 2.5L
5010212404799  ORCHID WHITE 2.5L
5010212640142  OVERTLY OLIVE 2.5L
5010212573167  PEBBLE SHORE 2.5L
5010212640081  PEPPER RED 2.5L
5010212508558  PERFECTLY TAUPE 2.5L
5010212554609  POLISHED PEBBLE 2.5L
5010212494967  PRETTY PINK 2.5L
5010212562475  RICH BLACK 2.5L
5010212618318  ROCK SALT 2.5L
5010212640050  SAPPHIRE SALUTE 2.5L
5010212105443  SOFT PEACH 2.5L
5010212494905  SOFT STONE 2.5L
5010212508589  SOFT TRUFFLE 2.5L
5010212618295  SUMMER LINEN 2.5L
5010212478035  TIMELESS 2.5L
5010212650103  TRANQUIL DAWN 2.5L
5010212640135  VANILLA SUNDAE 2.5L
5010212464601  VIOLET WHITE 2.5L
5010212573174  WARM PEWTER 2.5L
5010212517352  WHITE COTTON 2.5L
5010212517345  WHITE MIST 2.5L
5010212667286  WILD WONDER 2.5L
5010212478059  WILLOW TREE 2.5L

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Dulux Silk Emulsion 2.5Dulux Silk 2.5L Standard Emulsion Paint
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