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Copper Tube & Accessories

8mm and 10mm Copper Tube

1-50141Masseys sell 8mm and 10mm copper tube by the metre or in full coils.




15mm and 22mm Copper Tube

copper pipeWe sell both 15mm and 22mm copper tube in a range of sizes including 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m lengths.




Copper Fittings 8mm and 10mm

8mm elbowIn 8mm and 10mm we stock a range of compression fittings and solder ring fittings including straights, elbows and tees.




Copper Fittings 15mm and 22mm

15mm teeA great range of loose 15mm and 22mm fittings including elbows, straights and tees.

We also keep a very comprehensive range of male and female irons, taps, valves etc.



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