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Cable & Extension Leads

Extension Leads

At Masseys we sell electric cable by the metre. We do also stock television leads, HDMI leads and extension reels that are already made up and ready to go.

Extension Leads

Masterplug 13 Amp 25m Extension LeadA great range of extension leads from 1m to 50m

Television and Scart Leads

Bulk SCART 03/2 Scart Lead: ElectronicsA range of television cables and HDMI cables.

Mobile Phone Charging Cables

Phone Carger

2 and 3 Core Cable

electrical cableWhether you are wiring a plug or wiring a light, we have a range of two and three core cable sold by the metre.

Twin and Earth Cable

Twin and Earth Cable A range of twin and earth cable from 1mm to 10mm for wiring cookers.

Telephone Cable

Telephone cable and bell cable sold by the metre

Coax and Satellite Cable

Coaxial cable Sold by the metre with all relevant ends