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Baking and Cake Decoration

Baking and Cake Decoration

At Masseys, our baking and cake decoration department caters for both those baking as a profession and also for those budding amateur Great British Bake Off contestants. We stock a huge range of Kitchen Craft, Culpitt and Judge baking equipment. Such as non stick baking pans and muffin tins, alongside everything you’ll need for decorating you baking showstoppers.

You could create a rainbow of designs with the variety of coloured icing we have in store. Have a look at our professional food colourants to create your own vibrant shades and tones. Cake boxes and boards start from 4″ and are available in square, rectangle and round. So if you are looking to create a tray of blue berry muffins or five-hundred Red Velvet cupcakes Masseys have what you’ll need.


For those who are baking on a commercial level, and need a little bit more than most we can usually special order what you need and cater for bulk ordering of items such as cake boxes or ribbon. For Baking and Cake Decorating, Masseys in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire has got you covered. We are open until 18:30 on weekdays so we are perfect for that emergency bit of icing or when the scales decide to break on you with a deadline coming up.


In addition to our baking and cake decoration section. Please take a look at our cookwear, kitchen tools and small appliances sections.